So many things to say.
So many fantasies in the air.
I get in the sea, the waves cover me
Like your arms.
The water warm.
How is warm your heart.
The day pass
The thought flies and I try to arrive to space,
To can find the tune of yours.
I’m a romantic, blind and missing you,
Not want to arrest you

Because the seagull more beautiful is that flying

In the beach, dive into the sea.
And just filling the void of space on the beach of my life.
My feet,
The air of the afternoon,
The summer.
The deep feeling.
The desire to shout the cry out from within.
The strong pulse of the heart,
Bring up the stars, the moon …
My eyes,
I want you to look what is inside them and never to think in injured or sadness.

I am a poet only.
Trying to fill the space without color of paper.
And in the world where you live to reach, enter,
To sit on your lap, like a girl
A girl woman
Waiting for the touch of your mouth hot
The touch of your hands
The touch of your heart.

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