How to test faith in my life?
By observing the ….
Faith in life,
Faith in mine breathe.
Faith in my body and my heart.
Faith in my relationship,
Faith in my love for him.
Faith in my feeling, knowledge in be a mother.
Faith in God.
Faith in my intuition.
Faith in my gout
Faith in my family
Faith in my spirit.
Faith in my eyes.
Faith in there, here, and everywhere.

The practice

The practice to write
The practice to brush my teeth
The practice to cook
The practice of love
The practice of living in the present moment must come every minute of my day!
We never were taught how to do it.
Just opositive, to be in the future or in the past.
In fact, there is just today!
Just this moment where I am writing here those words.
Nothing less, nothing more!
Just the pen marking this paper in black.
By Solange Carneiro - 16 oct 2022

As deep you go

As deep you go

As deep you assume what really matter for you.

A deep sensation of relief comes to you

As I drive inside myself and feel what I want and wish in this human form.

I can take myself to a place where there is acceptance 

That I have need and I have dreams and fantasies and that it is okay.

Just drive into the ocean of imagination and creative

Being immerse on it, be free, to brave and finally live!